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About Us

Constellation is the nation’s largest producer of carbon-free energy and sustainable solutions to millions of homes, institutional customers, the public sector, community aggregations and businesses.

* #1 C&I Retail Power Provider
* Served Texas customers since 2022
* Market expertise

Constellation has served customers in Texas as a retail electric provider since the electricity market opened to competitive choice in 2002, and our generation affiliate owns a significant amount of power generation facilities in the state. Leveraging our wholesale and retail energy expertise to educate our customers, we help you save time and make smart decisions by helping you create a tailored energy plan by understanding your unique needs in four key areas –

Managing Risk & Budget: we look at all aspects of the market, including your budget, risk tolerance, regulatory changes and market fundamentals to help you effectively manage your risk and budget.

Energy Data Insights: providing energy tools and research to help you make informed decisions and manage costs.

Sustainability & Carbon Reduction: we help you reach your sustainability goals by working together to develop a roadmap, executing against that roadmap, and monitoring your greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions so that you can achieve your sustainability goals.

Energy Infrastructure: we take your unique energy problems and provide creative solutions with our strategic alliances, such as fleet electrification, EV charging stations, and battery storage.

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  • Manage Risk & Budget
  • Energy Data Insights
  • Sustainability & Carbon Reduction
  • Energy Infrastructure

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