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Journeys Counseling Center

Journeys Counseling Center

Mental Health Services

About Us

Journeys is the only multi-disciplinary group counseling practice in Lubbock, TX. Our expert team of counselors work with ages 5 and up on all areas of mental health treatment. We offer counseling services for individuals, couples, and families. When you call our office, you will be matched with the therapist who best fits your needs.

At Journeys Counseling Center we know that counseling is still attached to stigma and it’s still very much an unknown to many people. Most people who contact us are nervous and not sure what to say or what they are looking for. Hey, we get it and we are here to help you understand all things Counseling related. From how counseling works- to the cost, and we will walk you through this new Journey. Counseling is our JAM! Our office staff and counselors absolutely love what we do. We want you to feel comfortable and know that no matter what you are going through or how “crazy” you think you are, we are here to go on your Journey with you.


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