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Potbelly Sandwich Shop



About Us

Our Promise:

Fresh, Fast & Friendly. We don’t use these words lightly.

Fresh starts every morning. Before a single sandwich is toasted or salad is crafted we're preparing fresh veggies, meats and cheese and sending a fresh batch of cookies through the oven– because we know fresh food makes you smile!

Your time is precious. Lunch time is “YOU” time, it's not standing-in-line time! At Potbelly we know that nobody gets a lunch ''hour'' anymore– that's why we get you through the line fast, so you can put the “YOU” back in lunch.

Friendly folks and the welcoming warmth of a potbelly stove are always here to greet you. Potbelly lets you leave the world behind. It’s a friendly oasis and a comfy hangout. You can pull up a chair, enjoy the unique neighborhood décor and relax. Hang out, leave happy.


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