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Lubbock National Bank - Rush Branch


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About Us

One step inside and you'll see the whole new approach to banking. ANB has a 120 year heritage in West Texas. We are 100% family owned with no outside stockholders, so our focus is on our customers. The bank was founded in 1892 shortly after the city of Amarillo was established. B.T. Ware, a well-known cattleman, merchant banker, and one of the earliest settlers in the Amarillo area purchased the bank in 1909. His descendants have been the driving force behind the bank ever since, helping it become the largest, 100% family-owned bank in the nation. Texas Monthly named the Ware family “Bankers of the Century” in 1999. Today, the bank is run by the 3rd, 4th and 5th generation of Wares.

Having no outside shareholders allows ANB to focus on the long term, not next quarter. Decisions are made for the customers, not the family. Customer service actually comes first. Community support is a priority.

The familiar, conservative leadership of the Ware family means continuity and stability for customers—many of whom come from families that have been part of the Amarillo landscape since the days of B.T. Ware. Being a family bank in a place where family comes first, we know what it’s like to work together through good times and bad. It’s that Panhandle Spirit that binds us together.

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